Monday, July 18, 2011

Top Hats and Bellybutton Warmers

So this week we concentrated on the apartment search which was sort of like a full time job.  Mostly because buyer’s agents don’t exist here.  This means we do the research and then contact the listing agent to see the property.  And then we pay them a fee when we rent the property.  Wait, what?  What am I paying them for?  Oh that’s right, they opened the door for us and turned on a light.  Thank you.  That is definitely worth one week’s rent.
There have been some interesting properties though.  Like the one with the doorman who wears a top hat and long coattails.  That one is a little more expensive, but I feel the top hat is worth at least $25 a week just for the laugh.
The one we are hoping for is below.  Please don’t hate us.  Promise?  

Here it is:

This is why we moved.
We have also done a little shopping and found that they sell some odd things here.  There are some unique/ cool things for sure, like The Third Eye shop on K’ Rd that specializes in Indian flair fabrics, home decor, and jewelry for pretty inexpensive prices.

But we have also found flashlight earpicks and Charlie Sheen blow-up dolls.
My personal favorite that I am buying everyone for Christmas...  it is compact and easy to ship and best of all it is a......
Possum Fur Bellybutton Warmer!
Because I care.  Don’t worry, there are enough for everyone!

We have done a little restaurant hopping as well.  There was Murder Burger that has a devious looking cat on their logo, but tasty burgers.  David got “The Standard” which had the Kiwis’ favorite burger toppings, beet and egg.  And actually, it’s pretty good!  And now you think we are weird.  It’s ok.  You should try it though when you come visit.

My favorite restaurant so far has been The Longroom where I learned that it is ok to drink Aloe Vera.  Ok, so I don’t think it is the same as our aloe vera, but it is soothing, refreshing, and slightly green so I could be mistaken.  They put it in a cocktail called The Aloemony, and I’m not saying that I went back for a second one, but they were both delicious.  They also make really yummy food.  I almost stole David’s steak.  He is very fast though.

Yesterday we went to a dormant volcano/ park called One Tree Hill where you get to frolic with hundreds of sheep.  You can just open the gate and walk on in.  They are very trusting here because no one is monitoring whether you take a sheep home.  I resisted.  For now.  

One Tree Hill also has a park where you can fly kites and practice archery and grill out and get ice cream in flavors like Fig & Honey and Ginger Crunch.  And it is all free! (Well not the ice cream, but you can’t ask for everything). 

- Meredith


  1. that apartment is SO COOL! do y'all already have jobs over there?

  2. Aloe Vera (the drink) and Aloe Vera (the plant) are the same thing! They had it all over Costa Rica, and I've seen it a few times in the states. Good luck with the apartment search. Looks amazing over there!

  3. Thanks! @ Matthew, David does & I am starting the search. @ Laurie, Awesome! I will never think of aloe vera the same again!

  4. David and SuzanneJuly 19, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    Love the view in the apartment....not anything like a worm infested hobbit hole though...maybe you should look some more. :)

  5. Lol, we're saving the hobbit hole for next year!