Friday, December 2, 2011

Auckland was Conquered in a Day

One good thing about living in a small country is that I can accomplish super-hero-type feats like: “Walking From One Side Of The Country To The Other In One Day”, and then you can be incredibly impressed.  Until you realize that that is only about 16km (9.94 miles).  Which is still pretty good, but it is not quite the equivalent of walking from one side of the US to the other.  

I am still going to pretend that you are impressed though.  And that maybe you have a gold medal that you are sending me.
Auckland’s “Coast to Coast Walkway” runs from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea and gives a good snapshot of the city’s natural attractions: volcanoes, parks, oceans.... and people’s backyards.  We may have taken a few wrong turns, but that is bound to happen on a 16km hike with marker signs the size of golfballs. 

Coast to Coast Walking, Jellicoe Park

If you are attempting the Coast to Coast, I would suggest bringing your own GPS device or a map.  Because if there is one thing that Oregon Trail taught you, it was to be prepared (Bring bullets for guns, bring medicine for measles, bring maps for Coast to Coast walkways. Basic life lessons.). 
We took a small detour (on purpose) to the Scottish Highland Games Festival.  David was excited for promises of haggis, and I was excited for promises of men in kilts.  The kilts, log throwing, and fancy dance moves did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the haggis came in cans.  Another basic life lesson: Don’t eat haggis from cans.  
Fancy Scottish Dancing

Back on the trail, we stopped by one of our favorite places, Cornwall Park/ One Tree Hill.  But this time the sheep were missing.  I panicked for a bit thinking that someone might have stolen them.  But then I remembered that it is almost summer.  So I am almost certain that the sheep are at their beach houses working on their summer tans.
Sheep with Tan, Photo Via

We also had a tasty lunch at Cornwall Park Restaurant, but next time I think I will get the “high tea” option.  After we ordered our lunch, a 3-tiered tray of deliciousness was placed on the table next to us.  I think I stared at their little tarts and finger sandwiches for the rest of lunch.  This is probably not my proudest example of high tea etiquette.  I do apologize, table next to us (But next time maybe you should share a tart.  Or a tier.).

Cornwall Park Restaurant, Home to Tasty High-Teas

- Meredith


  1. Haggis is a lovely Scottish delicacy of sheep liver, lungs and heart cooked together in the sheep's stomach (or in a casing). Which probably sounds disgusting, but actually has a decent (or at least interesting) taste if you can get past the whole organ thing. We can mail you some if you want! Lol